Thursday, May 26, 2022

Izzy Glad Whittaker Came Out Of ‘Dark Place,’ Plans To Send Him Back

Israel Adesanya is planning to send Robert Whittaker back to a dark place.

Israel Adesanya is flying high coming into his next title fight. He is undefeated in the middleweight division, he is facing a fighter who he has already beaten, and he has just signed a new contract with the UFC. During media day for the upcoming rematch against Robert Whittaker, Adesanya seemed in high spirits, but when asked about Whittaker’s past, he got a bit dark.

After their first meeting, Whittaker took some time away from the Octagon. He had just lost his championship title and needed some time to away from the sport.

Since then, he has returned with a new sense of competitiveness. But during his time away, he was admittedly in a bad place. Whittaker has been vocal bout his struggles since his return and even Adesanya can relate.

“I do empathize with what he said. Who brought this up to me? I can’t remember. I think I saw it on Instagram. He talked about his dark place he went to after the last time I beat him,” Adesanya said. “I (and everyone) has been there in their own personal way, so I understand, and I empathize when you don’t want to get up and all that stuff and you lose motivation.

“So yeah, I’m glad he’s pulled himself out of it. I’m glad he’s feeling much better (and that) he’s a better man, better fighter….so yeah, (I’ll) take him to the dark place again.”

Even though Adesanya understands where Whittaker was in those bad moments, he doesn’t hold back on wanting to send him there again.

The first meeting at UFC 243 was over in just two rounds when Adesanya handed Whittaker the KO loss. Much has been put on Whittaker since that last bout and the improvements he has made in his fighting. Adesanya isn’t falling for the hype and plans on ending Whittaker once again at UFC 271.

Do you think Israel Adesanya will accomplish his task against Whittaker at UFC 271?

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