Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Adrian Yanez’s Twitter Hacked, Fans Scammed By Fake Giveaway

UFC fighter Adrian Yanez suffered a Twitter hacking earlier this week, resulting in many fans getting financially scammed in a fake giveaway.

It all started when a post from Yanez’s accounts allegedly posted a giveaway of a PlayStation 5 gaming console and a glove. This prompted many fans to message the account and provide the Yanez imposter with banking information to enter the giveaway.

After fans would provide their banking information, the imposter would block them from accessing and contacting Yanez’s account.

One Twitter user going by Rudy Sanchez called out the scam on social media, prompting many fans to question the validity of the giveaway and Yanez’s recent posts.

“Please don’t fall for the PS5 and glove!” Sanchez said. “This is a scam, people are really out here getting [scammed] left and right. Adrian Yanez got hacked on [Twitter] and Instagram.”

Shortly after many fans complained about getting scammed, Yanez spoke out on his Twitter after getting his account back.

“My Twitter was hacked yesterday,” Yanez said. “I didn’t get access til just a moment ago. If you’ve gotten scammed, please reach out to your bank immediately and dispute the transaction.”

All of the giveaway posts from Yanez’s Twitter and Instagram accounts have been deleted and Yanez has recovered both pages.

Yanez has a 15-3 professional MMA record and has impressed many UFC fans since his time on Dana White‘s Contender Series. After successfully earning a UFC contract, he would go on to win four fights in a row over the likes of Davey Grant and Randy Costa.

Yanez is arguably one of the most intriguing UFC bantamweight prospects entering 2022 and has been linked to a potential fight with Sean O’Malley. This goes back to when O’Malley called him out on social media last November.

Coincidentally, UFC bantamweight champion Aljamain Sterling was hacked as well this week, but it’s unclear if it was by the same culprit.

“I’m sorry for anyone that was DM’d from me,” Sterling said. “I was hacked like a JV superstar. I got played and didn’t realize the fake email, being half asleep after training. I hope no one bought anything from that scammer! Let my tweets continue to attack [Petr].”

Yanez and Sterling aren’t the only ones to have their social media accounts hacked. UFC welterweight champion Kamaru Usman was infamously hacked back in 2020, with the account sending various threats.

Has your social media ever been hacked?

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