Wednesday, May 18, 2022

ATT Owner Dan Lambert Supportive Of Amanda Nunes Leaving

Amanda Nunes is changing up her training gym and is getting a nice farewell from American Top Team owner Dan Lambert.

Amanda Nunes is coming off her first loss in several years. She lost her bantamweight belt to Juliana Peña in December and is now ready to make some changes. A lot has been said of Nunes’ training camp leading up to the loss, injuries, and difficulties all around. Following the loss, Nunes decided to leave her longtime gym ATT in Florida and is hoping to start her own fight team.

The news of her leaving the gym that she spent so many years being a part of was shocking to most fans. The gym is home to many high-caliber fighters and one of the most notorious gyms in the country. The owner of ATT Dan Lambert spoke to MMA Junkie about Nunes’ decision to leave.

“Hey, we have 100 fighters at our gym. You’re gonna have people from all levels. We’ve got fighters that are champions down to fighters that are newcomers in our developmental programs,” Lambert explained. “And we want people at our gym that want to be at our gym. And as long as it’s a good fit for us and it’s a good fit for the fighter, we do great things together if we can. And when it’s no longer a great fit for us or them and somebody’s gotta move on, we have an open-door policy.”

Nunes’ departure is not an all-or-nothing thing. She has mentioned that she will still visit ATT when she sees a fit. For her, the idea of having her own space to train is important. Nunes recently became a mother with her partner, fellow UFC fighter Nina Nunes, and they will be training at the new space together.

“If someone doesn’t want to be at the gym, they’re not gonna be at the gym,” Lambert said. “Amanda decided she wants to start her own place and be a coach, maybe set something up for her post-fighting career? I support that, and I hope she does well.”

Nunes will be utilizing this new training facility for her next bout that is already set. She will be fighting Peña again in an immediate rematch following coaching on the upcoming season of The Ultimate Fighter.

Do you think Amanda Nunes leaving ATT is a good idea or not?

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