Monday, May 16, 2022

Anthony Johnson Tells Buffer To “Stay Off The Crack” After Bellator Snub

Anthony Johnson has put out a warning towards Bruce Buffer.

Anthony Johnson is coming to the defense of himself and all other former UFC fighters who have taken other opportunities. Recently, Bruce Buffer has come out and spoke about how he feels UFC fighters are not better off when they leave the organization. Johnson, who left the UFC back in Dec. of 2020, decided to sign with Bellator. He has found happiness in his new fight home and wants people to know that the UFC is not the end-all, be-all in fighting.

Buffer who was discussing the probability of Francis Ngnanou leaving the UFC in search of other fight opportunities, had this to say.

“No offense to other organizations, but you become irrelevant when you leave the UFC after a while,” Buffer said on his podcast (via MMA Mania). “Instead of losing in the UFC your contract is being ended in the UFC and you fall from the Octagon down into the Bellators.”

Johnson took offense to this since he is now one of the top light heavyweight fighters on the Bellator roster. Johnson has admitted to being happier with Bellator and having a better financial situation. Johnson took to Instagram to respond to Buffer.

“Bruce needs to stay off crack,” Johnson commented on a post. “How’s anything irrelevant when providing food and shelter for family? Oh, by the way, I got paid way more for moving to another organization. Bruce has his guaranteed money so he can talk,” Johnson finished. “Fighters have to wait and actually entertain people when they get the chance to make some money.”

More and more frequently, we are seeing former UFC fighters heading in a different direction when they become free agents. Some have decided to try their hand at boxing, like Anderson Silva and Tyron Woodley. Others have proven that different MMA organizations could be a nice fit. Bellator is a common landing spot along with PFL and now Khabib Nurmagomedov‘s MMA organization, Eagle FC.

Johnson has also come to the defense of Nagnnou during his negotiation problems with the UFC. Johnson has been inactive in Bellator since he was forced out of the light heavyweight Grand Prix due to illness. He is still not back in action, and according to Scott Coker, could be out for several more months.

Do you think there are better opportunities out there for former UFC fighters?

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