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Bryce Mitchell Is Prepared To Resist The US Government To His Death

Fans tuning in to Monday’s installment of The MMA Hour were in for a surprise—and so was the host himself when Bryce Mitchell went rogue during his scheduled appearance.

A week from Saturday, Bryce Mitchell will go one on one with top-10 featherweight Edson Barboza. Barboza is a tough task for any competitor, and he also happens to be one of the more established names in the UFC, with over a decade of promotional fights under his belt.

Considering this is being viewed as the most high-profile bout of Mitchell’s MMA career, Ariel Helwani joined the list of MMA journalists who are interested in knowing about Mitchell’s thoughts and preparations leading up to such a big fight.

However, during Mitchell’s appearance on The MMA Hour, there was no talk about the significance of the fight, what he expects from his opponent, or how well his training camp went. In fact, there was literally no talk about fighting whatsoever.

Instead, Mitchell stated that he wanted to use the MMA Hour platform to help shine a light on injustices happening on land both foreign and domestic as it pertains to civil liberties, such as the right to own assault weapons like semi-automatic rifles and the right to refuse COVID-19 vaccinations.

On the domestic front, Mitchell maintained that there is a reason why his home state of Arkansas has not enacted any vaccination mandates at the government level because they wouldn’t be able to enforce it anyway. That’s because, according to “Thug Nasty,” he and his local community are prepared to fight to the death to prevent such violations of their personal freedoms.

“Before the Holocaust in 1938, Hitler banned Jews in Germany from having guns. There’s a reason he did that. He wanted to disarm the population before he rounded them up and killed them,” Mitchell said. “So when I talk about why these guns are important, you’ve got to know why we’ve got these guns. Of course, it’s to hunt. Of course, it’s to protect ourselves from people that break into our homes. But the reason that they’re really here is to protect ourselves from our own government. It’s to overthrow a tyrannical government.

Bryce Mitchell
Bryce Mitchell

“And these guns on either side of me, that’s the reason that in Arkansas, they don’t have forced vaccines. They don’t have forced mandates. You can’t force ’em. They don’t have the power. If you go up and down my street, every single one of me and my neighbors is armed to the teeth, brother. I mean, I could sit here and—you’ve got the Underwoods, you’ve got the Mitchells, you’ve got the Palmers, you’ve got the Wests, the Browns, the Smiths, the Jameses, the Harrises, we’re armed to the teeth, brother. And we will not let this government inject what they say is medicine into our body without our consent.”

During the segment, Mitchell went on to explicitly state that he would be willing to die in such a standoff with the government if it meant defending the freedoms of himself and his fellow man.

This is just a small snapshot of what Mitchell had to say in this unconventional segment. He and Helwani were involved in a civil debate at times, with the segment being more of a conversation as opposed to an interview. Here were some of the other talking points from Mitchell during his brow-raising MMA Hour appearance:

  • 2017 Las Vegas shooting was an inside job. The government staged that shooting to try to justify banning guns. The same applies to most (if not all, he did not specify) mass shootings.
  • 2020 Presidential Election was rigged
  • Inflation is a form of control by the government
  • Ivermectin works much better against COVID than vaccines, but the vaccines make more money, which is why they are being pushed by the government
  • No such thing as a “gun problem” but just “mental health problems” that lead to shootings
  • Health care is not a right because you don’t have a right to someone else’s service

MMA Fighting usually publishes each interview separately on its YouTube channel, but in this case, they have opted not to post Bryce Mitchell’s controversial segment. Thus, if you want to hear Mitchell’s words straight from the source, you can go to approximately 1:43:00 of the video below, which also contains a disclaimer from MMA Fighting in the timestamp attached to the segment.

What are your thoughts on Bryce Mitchell’s comments?

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