Friday, May 20, 2022

Chad Mendes Says BKFC Debut Will Out-Pay Ngannou’s UFC 270 Purse

Former UFC featherweight title challenger Chad Mendes is getting paid big money for his bare-knuckle boxing debut.

Mendes is slated to return to combat sports after a lengthy hiatus. He’ll fight Joshuah Alvarez at BKFC‘s upcoming Knucklemania II event on Feb. 19.

Mendes hasn’t fought since his UFC finale against Alexander Volkanovski in 2018. After falling to Conor McGregor for the interim featherweight title at UFC 189, he would go on to lose two of his next three against Volkanovski and Frankie Edgar.

Mendes excited his fans when he announced his return to fighting during a recent appearance on The Joe Rogan Experience podcast. During an interview with MMA Junkie, he admitted that BKFC is giving him a big paycheck for his return, and he’s slated to make more than UFC Heavyweight Champion Francis Ngannou did at UFC 270.

“I’ll put it this way: I just saw what the UFC heavyweight champion of the world just got paid, and it’s gonna be more than that,” Mendes said. “It’s pretty crazy. I feel blessed for sure.”

Mendes, one of the biggest standouts from the famous Team Alpha Male gym under Urijah Faber, had a very memorable run in the UFC’s featherweight division. He earned wins over the likes of Ricardo Lamas, Myles Jury, and Clay Guida during his time in the Octagon.

While Mendes never earned a UFC featherweight title, he fought in an epic battle against José Aldo at UFC 179 in which some believed he was robbed of the decision. He would go on to get knocked out by McGregor in his last shot at a title a couple of fights later.

McGregor's winning streak continues as he defeats Mendes

Ngannou has been outspoken about how he feels he’s been treated by the UFC brass over the past few years. Ngannou wants flexibility with the UFC to pursue potential boxing fights with the likes of heavyweight champion Tyson Fury and others, along with better pay.

If Mendes’ claims about his upcoming paycheck are true, it certainly puts gas on the fire concerning Ngannou’s stance regarding fighter treatment in the UFC.

What are your thoughts on Chad Mendes’ claim?

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