Friday, May 27, 2022

Coker Explains Why Zingano Isn’t Next For Cyborg As Originally Planned

Scott Coker has explained why Cat Zinagno is not fighting Cris Cyborg next.

Things are getting a little gray in the Bellator featherweight division. In recent months, title contender Cat Zingano was gunning for a title shot against champion Cris Cyborg. Then, it was announced that Zingano will actually not be facing Cyborg next but will instead be facing Pam Sorenson.

The reason behind the switch-up was not given at first and many theories began to pour in. Now, Bellator President Scott Coker is ready to shed some light on the situation.

“So basically Cat wanted to have one more fight before she fought Cris,” Coker told MMA Fighting. “I don’t even think she was the one that really made that call; it was her manager.”

Zingano was the one calling for the fight with Cyborg. Following her last win over Olivia Parker, Zingano proposed the title fight. She had a time and location picked out for the fight. She even offered to meet Cyborg in LA to fight at an upcoming event, but that never happened. Zingano also accused her of dodging drug tests in order to delay the fight. Cyborg and her team claim that did not happen.

Cyborg accepted Zingano’s challenge and seemed ready to fight—that is until the announcement of Zingano vs. Sorenson. After that news came out, Cyborg tweeted and deleted a message accusing Zinagno of running.

“So the manager said ‘we want one more fight.’ So we said ‘OK’ and we put together the fight for her. From there if she wins, she can fight Cris,” Coker explained.

Zingano has won two fights in the Bellator featherweight division since joining the organization following the end of her UFC run. If she wins this third fight Coker claims that she will get Cyborg next, however, if she loses it could be Sorenson who leapfrogs into the title shot.

At this time, Cyborg does not have another option in the works. She could just wait for the winner of this bout featuring Zingano and Sorenson.

Do you think Cat Zingano really wanted to face Cris Cyborg next?

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