Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Derek Brunson: Sean Strickland Is A Cringe “Weirdo”

UFC middleweight Derek Brunson has given his firm take on the antics and remarks of his fellow contender Sean Strickland.

While talk about Strickland has been on the rise in general, it’s picked up in recent weeks owing to his first Octagon outing of 2022. After returning to action and to 185 pounds in 2020, the 30-year-old recorded wins against Jack Marshman, Brendan Allen, Krzysztof Jotko, and Uriah Hall.

In his second consecutive main event last weekend, “Tarzan” faced his toughest middleweight test to date in the form of Jack Hermansson. While he perhaps didn’t entertain and thrill as much as many had expected on fight night, Strickland successfully extended his undefeated record in the weight class and moved closer to a potential title shot.

While his ability inside the Octagon is hard to question, Strickland’s antics and remarks outside of it haven’t followed suit. From controversial comments on homosexuality to his statements on an apparent desire to “kill” inside and outside the cage, “Tarzan” has certainly split opinions with his outspoken personality.

One man who firmly falls on the side of those criticizing the #7-ranked middleweight contender rather than being entertained by him is Brunson.

Brunson Hopes “Tasteless” Strickland Changes His Ways

During his appearance at UFC 271 media day ahead of his crucial clash with Jared Cannonier this weekend, the 38-year-old gave his thoughts on the man two positions below him on the 185-pound ladder.

“Sean Strickland is a weirdo. I mean, slightly funny. I guess funny in this era,” said Brunson. “But, that’s definitely kind of cringe. Super weird. I heard some of the stuff he said. I don’t know if he’s trying to get a lot of attention or whatever, but I don’t think it’s cool to just be a jerk or an asshole, saying like, ‘Oh, I’ll kill people and I wouldn’t care.’

“It’s like, if you say, ‘Hey, if somebody harms my family, I’d kill somebody and I wouldn’t care,’ that’s a bit different than saying, ‘I’d just kill a random person and wouldn’t care.’ That’s some tasteless stuff and I don’t really think there’s a place for it,” Brunson continued. “It’s kind of annoying. I hope he changes his ways, for sure.”

Speaking of killing and dying, here’s Strickland’s latest interesting post…

“WHEN PEOPLE ASK ME “WHY ARE YOU THIS WAY” There is no god, we’re all animals, life is random, there is no meaning, morality doesn’t exist.. go fuck hookers and do cocaine. If we die now or later it makes no difference……”

Given the fact this tweet came hours after Brunson’s appearance at UFC 271 media day and his previous comments on how he’ll be if he becomes champion, it seems unlikely Strickland will be following his UFC peer’s advice and changing his ways.

Do you agree with Derek Brunson? Does Sean Strickland need to tone down his statements?

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