Monday, May 16, 2022

Transgender MMA Fighter Fallon Fox Rejects Suspicious Documentary Offer

Retired trans MMA fighter Fallon Fox turns down an offer to be part of a documentary called the “Gender Unity Project”.

Fox is the first openly transgender fighter. She had a successful MMA run with 5 wins and only 1 loss in her professional career.

Not a single one of her fights went to decision. Following her last win in 2014 versus Tamikka Brents, she retired.

Fallon Fox and Allanna Jones
Fallon Fox and Allanna Jones, Photo Credit: Brayden Titley

As a transgender fighter, Fox was no stranger to criticism within the sport. UFC commentator Joe Rogan had an issue with her competing in the women’s division. Likewise, Ronda Rousey believes it is unfair to allow a male-born transgender fighter in the women’s league.

Fox tries to educate people about the community. As an activist for trans rights, she recently brought some data to the surface to insist that transgender athletes do not have the upper hand.

The documentary may have been a chance to shed some more positive light on transgender persons, however; Fox felt the proposal was disingenuous.

After a video call, she deemed the team “sketchy and ignorant of trans issues,” according to Blade.

Suspicion rose around conservative podcast host Matt Walsh and his team when transgender activist Eli Erlick called them out via Twitter. Erlick became suspicious after a “film student” named “Makenna Lynn” contacted her last month.

Through research, Erlick allegedly discovered Walsh and his podcast team are trying to scam transgender activists into appearing on a documentary called “Gender Unity Project.”

Matt Walsh
Matt Walsh, Photo Credit: Fox News

Numerous people were contacted for the documentary, including the mother of a transgender teenager, Debi Jackson, and transgender MMA fighter Alanna McLaughlin.

Debi’s daughter, Avery Jackson, appeared on the cover of National Geographic when she was just 9 years old and became the first transgender to be on the cover of the historical magazine.

McLaughlin is also an advocate for trans rights and won her MMA debut by submission last September.

Since the callout on Twitter, Walsh has yet to make any statements in regards to the accusations.

What are your thoughts on Matt Walsh potentially creating a documentary scam targeting the transgender community?

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