Monday, May 16, 2022

Georges St-Pierre Recently Settled A Coffee Debt With McDonald’s

Georges St-Pierre paid back the money he owed McDonald’s for a coffee he “begged” for earlier in the week.

During his reign in the UFC, GSP was an almost unstoppable force. He is known as one of the greatest fighters to grace the octagon.

GSP is a former two-division champion, holding titles in both the middleweight and welterweight divisions. In addition, he is a former three-time welterweight champion in the UFC.

St-Pierre left the UFC on a 13-fight win streak and as the welterweight champion. He suffered only two losses in his 28-fight professional MMA career, and he won the rematches for both.

With such an exemplary career, GSP was undoubtedly one of the promotion’s most lucrative fighters. He took home millions of dollars and made more outside of the cage.

Certainly, a McDonald’s coffee won’t break the bank, right?

“I always pay back my debt,” GSP wrote as the caption for the Instagram video explaining the story.

“Earlier this week I’m going to the McDonald’s to order a vanilla coffee. And after I ordered it I realized that I forgot my wallet at home. So when it’s time to pay I look down and because I have no wallet I have like four dollars and a change. The woman looks at me and goes Hey, you’re Georges St Pierre and you’re begging for coffee. I was like yes it was freaking embarrassing and yeah now I have to go back and pay my debt,” said GSP (via Sports Manor).

As one of the most likable MMA fighters to ever grace the Octagon, it’s no shock the cashier was willing to give him the coffee. But returning to repay the debt certainly solidifies the good nature of the Canadian native.

What are your thoughts on Georges St. Pierre paying off a coffee debt to McDonald’s?

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