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Green Wants His Pu**y Peers To Watch How A Gangster Fights Makhachev

Bobby Green hopes his lightweight peers can learn a thing or two from his actions leading into and during his UFC Vegas 49 main event against Islam Makhachev.

This Saturday at UFC Vegas 49, Bobby Green will be competing in his first UFC main event when he takes on Islam Makhachev. A bout against the dominant Dagestani is a tall task for any fighter with any amount of preparation, so you can imagine what it must be like to accept this undertaking on less than two weeks’ notice.

There are at least two men who can relate to accepting a short-notice bout against Makhachev. One of them is Green himself, who will do so in a 160 lb. catchweight bout this weekend. The other is Dan Hooker.

Dan Hooker
Dan Hooker

Hooker recently theorized that the reason Green was picked to face Makhachev instead of someone ranked is because others turned the fight down. He went on to state that they made this decision most likely because they felt the risk did not match the reward.

In an appearance on The MMA Hour, a very fired-up Bobby Green agreed with Hooker and took it a couple of steps further while throwing in some harsh namecalling.

“I know already, those top-10 guys, Hooker said it best: All those motherfuckers got the call first. I guarantee you all those guys are pussies! All these guys are fuckin’ pussies. They want to wait and pick their turns. <whiny voice> ‘No, it’s not good enough. No, I need more time. No, I want to fight somebody that’s ahead of me, but then I want it to be the right camp, and I want it to be all the right situations.’

Bobby Green claims to be lightweight 'BMF' after accepting Makhachev fight  on short notice - MMAmania.com
Bobby Green, Image Credit: Josh Hedges/Zuffa LLC

“Like, all those guys play this weird game. I feel like they hold their cards in and they wait for the right time to, ‘Ah, pull out my ace.’ Like, no! Sometimes you gotta jump on it and you just gotta take it the way it is. And now, I’m jumpin’ over all of you guys. Because why? You’re too pussy to take the opportunity.” 

Green was not done addressing his peers just yet. He would go on to make an expletive-laden public service announcement that they should all tune in this weekend to learn about the ways and walk of a gangster.

“I’m not crazy. I’m fuckin’ nuts. I’m fuckin’ nuts,” Green continued with measured intensity. “I’ll show all you pussy motherfuckers, this is how I’mma do this shit, OK? Let me show you some real G shit: get in there and do this shit with the highest guy in our fuckin’ division. I’mma walk in there like a gangster and punch that guy right in his fuckin’ face, K? I’m gonna keep hitting him in his face until he go down. And all he’s gonna do is try to wrestle. And that’s cool. He’s gonna wrestle, he’s gonna wrestle, cool. Wrestle, and wrestle, and wrestle, so I can wrestle, too. That’s fine.

“But at the end of the day, I just want to show my peers, or all my colleagues, or my opponents: This is how the fuck you do this shit. You don’t fuckin’ sit back and wait for the perfect opportunity.”

Green is currently unranked but has two straight impressive wins and is a proven veteran of the sport. And to his point, a victory over someone with the hype and run of Makhachev, on short notice no less, might have him leapfrog the entire UFC lightweight division in terms of the world title picture.

Thus, while the short notice might disqualify this from being a “perfect” opportunity for Green, it might only be about five pounds shy from it.

How do you think the UFC’s lightweight division should receive Bobby Green’s message?

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