Monday, May 16, 2022

Holland Offers To Send Oliveira Into Retirement At UFC 272

Before UFC 272 kicks off, Kevin Holland proposes sending Alex Oliveira into an early retirement.

Holland and Oliveira will compete on the main card for UFC 272 on March 5. The event counts as the “Trailblazer’s” debut into the welterweight division. And his confidence going into the fight has not simmered.

Although appreciative of the Brazilian fighter’s energy, Holland is not opposed to making this Oliveria’s last fight.

Coming into his next bout with 3 back-to-back losses–2 via submission—plus, the emotion he expressed walking into the Niko Price fight, Holland believes the 33-year-old is due to retire.

Niko Price and Alex Oliveira
Niko Price and Alex Oliveira, Photo Credit: ESPN

“(He’s) pretty awesome. The dude has really, really good energy, so it’s going to be fun to go out there and scrap with him. But I think he’s a little older and a few steps behind, so I’m looking to go out there and exploit that. It looked like he was ready to retire in his last fight with all the crying, so if he wants a warm welcome out… I think my coach was the first person to beat him in like a jiu-jitsu match or something like that. If you look it up, Travis Lutter was like his first L on the record book thing. So I could be his last. From master to student; sounds good to me,” Holland told MMAFightingonSBN.

It will be another battle of redemption in the UFC. With the exception of Holland’s “clash of heads” no-contest against Kyle Daukaus back in October, both fighters enter the cage coming off losses and looking ahead into a brighter 2022.

In addition, their stats are nearly equal. Both fighters have 12 knockouts and 5 submission wins under their belts.

Both fighters carry big smiles and their energy is synonymous with confidence and entertainment. Indeed, the matchup is sure to cause a roar from the audience at the UFC APEX. And if things go as Holland envisions, it will be the final time Oliveira hears this response from a live crowd.

Are you excited for Holland vs Oliveira at UFC 272?

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