Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Hill Explains Why A Fight Against Procházka Is A Promoter’s Dream

Immediately after sleeping Johnny Walker in the UFC Vegas 48 main event, Jamahal Hill is already laying out plans for what would be the biggest fight of his career.

Jamahal Hill once complained that the UFC was not promoting him as well as they are other fighters. With performances like what he turned in last night, he has done a fine job of promoting himself while making it harder for the UFC to not promote him to his liking as well.

Shortly after the halfway point of the first round, Hill showed why he entered the bout as the favorite while putting to sleep any doubters that may have lingered, right alongside Johnny Walker.

Now with back-to-back first-round KO wins and a top-10 ranking likely in his near future, Hill is already plotting his next move, not unlike other stars who masterminded their ascent into superstardom.

The next phase of Hill’s self-rocketing push is facing another flashy KO artist and one who has captured the imaginations of MMA fans worldwide: Jiří Procházka.

“Right now, like other than really the Jiří (Procházka) fight, not really,” Hill responded when asked of ideas for his next opponent during the UFC Vegas 48 post-fight press conference. “Nobody else is really, like, everybody else is tied up.

“The reason I want Jiří so bad is ’cause I feel like that’s a fight that, like, from both ends, it would be a banger. It would be a banger. I think it would be promoted well, and I think not that many other people have that star ability. Like, I feel like I talk well, I feel like I dress well, I feel like I fight well, you know what I mean? So I feel like I got that swag, and I feel like he’s one of those guys, so, yeah.”

It goes without saying that Hill’s wish is likely only plausible if Procházka were to lose his upcoming title fight against champion Glover Teixeira at UFC 274 in May. Should Procházka win, there would be quite a few potential opponents who are ranked higher than Hill that the promotion would probably select ahead of him.

Still, Hill is climbing the ranks after another big KO, so if he is willing to fight someone not named Jiří Procházka for his next fight and earn yet another KO, then who knows, maybe he will get that dream fight that he’s looking for, whether or not “Denisa” possesses the light heavyweight gold.

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