Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Report: Joe Rogan’s Spotify Deal $200 Million, More Than First Reported

Podcaster and UFC commentator Joe Rogan got paid more than first reported to bring his The Joe Rogan Experience podcast to Spotify.

Rogan signed what was originally reported to be a $100 million deal to stream his podcast on Spotify. But according to a new report by The New York Times, this is half of what he’s actually earning from the platform.

A pair of anonymous sources told The Times that Rogan is making roughly $200 million to stream his podcast on Spotify, with the possibility of more. The deal covers three and a half years, dating to when he first signed the original deal in May 2020.

Rogan has been under fire in recent weeks regarding his views on the COVID-19 pandemic and vaccines, along with a viral compilation video with him using a racial slur. Spotify has elected to keep him on the platform despite calls for him to be removed, such as from musical artists like Neil Young and Joni Mitchell.

Rogan was also notably absent from the UFC 271 commentary team, for a reason which is still unclear. After it was originally reported as a “scheduling conflict”, UFC president Dana White downplayed it and said that it was Rogan’s choice not to attend.

While Rogan’s podcast has skyrocketed Spotify to the top of the streaming world, the podcast’s tenure with Spotify hasn’t come without controversy. He’s been accused of spreading alleged misinformation regarding the pandemic and more specifically, vaccines and vaccine side effects.

Rogan has yet to respond publically to the latest report from The New York Times.

What is your reaction to Joe Rogan’s massive Spotify deal?

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