Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Jorge Masvidal “Exposes” Colby Covington With Video Release

As far as Jorge Masvidal is concerned, Colby Covington has been officially exposed.

The biggest theme heading into the UFC 272 main event between Masvidal and Colby Covington isn’t about two top contenders going at it. In fact, it isn’t about anything competitive or sportsmanlike at all. On the contrary, it is all the unsportsmanlike conduct that has helped create the true primary theme going into this grudge match: best friends turned bitter enemies.

Tuesday, Masvidal promised to release an exposé of his former buddy, roommate, and training partner Covington. And boy, did he ever follow through on that promise last night.

Below, you can view all five minutes and 48 seconds of Masvidal’s exposé. Here are some of the subjects you can expect to encounter during your viewing experience:

  • Who is the real “Street Judas” of this pairing?
  • The swift friend-to-foe switchup from Covington
  • “Lines you don’t cross” that were allegedly crossed
  • Former teammates’ and acquaintances’ testimonies on Covington’s character
  • General contradictions from Covington, such as his own standard of quality corner instructions and his opinion of Kamaru Usman.
  • Allegedly paid female “talent”
  • Confession to a fan that humility is “not what sells”
  • Back full circle to just who is the real “Street Judas”

It should also be noted that this is all just Part 1 and that Masvidal intends on releasing additional installments at an undisclosed time.

Without further ado and preview, you can view Part 1 of Jorge Masvidal’s exposé of Colby Covington below.

What is your review on Jorge Masvidal’s mini-documentary/exposé of former best bud Colby Covington?

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