Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Kayla Harrison Tired Of Free Agency Process: “I’m Ready To Fight”

Two-time PFL champion Kayla Harrison is ready to be done with the business aspect of fighting and focus solely on competing and training.

It’s reportedly been a wild ride for Harrison during her first experience with free agency on a massive scale. She was originally reported to be close to re-signing with the PFL, but the door has reopened due to a recent alleged roadblock in negotiations.

After also admitting that the UFC’s offer to sign her was a case of bad timing, the biggest platform in MMA doesn’t seem completely out of the running. Harrison has also teased a potential fight against UFC Bantamweight Champion Julianna Peña.

During a recent interview with MMA Junkie, Harrison was blunt when asked about the status of her free agency and speculation regarding her next move.

“I’m getting real sick of it at this point,” Harrison said. “I can’t comment on where I’m going or what I’m doing, but I can comment that I’m getting real sick of it. So whoever wants me, I’m ready to fight. I’m ready to sign on the dotted line, get a contract, get a fight booked. I’m tired of talking about it. I’d like to find either a new home or I’d like to talk to PFL and continue to make them my home. But I’d like to get this done sooner rather than later.”

Harrison went on to elaborate on the ups and downs that come with the free agency process and the pressures that come with it.

Kayla Harrison
Kayla Harrison, Image Credit: Gregory Payan/Associated Press

“I mean, at first, it was kinda fun. You know, you go to the dances, you go get wined and dined…you feel special, everyone’s interested in you, you’re the new kid. But at this point, I know the fans are sick of it, I know the media is sick of it, I’m sick of it,” Harrison admitted. “I know the promotions are all like, ‘Where the hell is she going? Let’s figure this out.’ And I know that patience is a virtue and it’s something that I sorely lack. But at this point, I would really just—I already had to take a year off almost from fighting because of COVID, so I don’t want to waste any time, you know? I’m here for a good time, not a long time. I want to get back in there and keep getting better.”

Harrison capped off another dominant season in the PFL with a win over Taylor Guardado at the 2021 PFL Championships. She also earned first-round finishes over Genah Fabian, Cindy Dandois, and Mariana Morais in the PFL cage.

Harrison has competed at lightweight for virtually her entire MMA career except for a featherweight bout against Courtney King in Invicta FC. While it’s unclear where she’ll compete next in MMA, she appears ready to focus on the fighting part of the fight game.

Who do you want Kayla Harrison to sign with in free agency?

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