Monday, May 16, 2022

Watch: Kevin Holland Schools A Second Troll In Hard Sparring Session

Kevin Holland is at it again, right back on the troll-stomping trail with the release of a second sparring video featuring him disposing of a troll.

Kevin Holland is preparing to fight UFC veteran Alex Oliveira at UFC 272 in a bout that will mark Holland’s return to the welterweight division. In his preparation for his 2022 debut, Holland has found some rather unusual sparring partners.

Just weeks ago, UFC middleweight Kevin Holland covered the travel expenses of an online troll in order to teach him a lesson in humility via tapout. Yesterday, Holland posted a second tale of a troll that needed taking care of.

“Honestly, I liked this troll way more
🎥 non other then @brawlerimages So this guy at the meet and greet called me Brunson….. later he got a autograph ✍️ next day he got the pleasure of being troll number #2 2 down way to many to go im gonna start needing help full video will go up on my #onlyfans Dude ended up being respectful so yes I respect him for showing up 🙏🏿18h”

Holland also shared the DMs between himself and the troll, which, to Holland’s point, came across as a respectful exchange. The young lad even politely referred to his future abuser as “Mr. Kevin.”

After the two worked out the logistics, the training began, which consisted of a barrage of body kicks from Holland. Peep the video below. (h/t MMA Trends)

Holland may have struck creative gold here. His troll-beating adventures has all the makings of a hit mini-series or web series.

What would you name a mini-series documenting “Big Mouth” Kevin Holland’s troll-beating adventures?

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