Thursday, May 26, 2022

Jorge Masvidal Says Colby Covington Robbed Jon Jones In College

Jorge Masvidal was warned about Colby Covington years ago.

Jorge Masvidal used to be friends with Colby Covington. The two were training partners and, at one time, even roommates. Now they will be facing each other in the main event of this weekend’s UFC 272 in a grudge match.

The fall of their friendship has long become public and both men are constantly trash-talking the other. Now, Masvidal is sharing some new information about how a former champion warned him about Covington and his ways.

Jon Jones warned me numerous times. Me and Jon Jones weren’t even cool like that,” Masvidal told ESPN. “We hadn’t spoken too much. But he sent a couple messages to me via our manager at the time. Like, ‘Man, watch this guy. He stole my clothes. My clothes don’t even fit him. He robbed me of money before we left the room. I never talked to him again.’”

Masvidal and Covington have been saying some personal things about each other. Covington has been talking about Masvidal’s ex-wife, and Masvidal has been talking about Covington being kicked out of their gym. Now he is bringing Covington’s issues with Jones to the table.

Masvidal believes that unlike with him and Covington, Covington’s beef with Jones would never be settled physically because one of the two would quickly exit that conversation.

“Do you know what would happen if he was to run into Jon Jones? He would sprint out of the room. He would run so fast. But if he’s on Twitter on his computer, man, he’s poppin’ off,” Masvidal said. “What would happen if they crossed at Whole Foods or somethin’? [Covington] would jet out of there. I can’t respect that. If you say something, commit to it. Do it. Whether it was on Twitter or it was in your face. Do it. And he’s such a coward, man. I can’t wait to put an end to this charlatan.”

Both Covington and Masvidal are hoping for another shot at the champion Kamaru Usman with a win at UFC 272. The bad blood between them makes this non-title fight main event a fan favorite and the history between them gives an added layer of fascination. Now that fight week is upon us, look out for even more secrets to be spilled and trash talk to be spoken.

Do you think the winner between Jorge Masvidal and Colby Covington deserves and title shot?

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