Thursday, May 26, 2022

Jorge Masvidal Takes Full Credit For UFC 272 Main Event Placement

Jorge Masvidal is taking all the credit for being the main event at UFC 272.

Jorge Masvidal and Colby Covington are headed to the main event clash together at UFC 272. This is a rare occasion where a non-title fight is main eventing a pay-per-view. For the UFC to consider a non-title fight for a main event, the bout has to be one that fans are dying to see. The ongoing feud and interest in these two men bring enough fuel to be a good fit for a headliner.

However, Masvidal believes that it is his star power, not Covington that made this fight worthy of the main event slot.

“Definitely about (my star power), though he’ll try to take credit for it,” Masvidal told MMA Junkie about what was responsible for the main event billing. “He hasn’t broke, in all his pay-per-views combined, 500,000 pay-per-views. I don’t have to say what I’ve sold. Everybody knows. So it’s definitely solely because of my star power, nothing to do with his.”

Masvidal and Covington have a long history together. They used to be friends, training partners, and roommates. They had a falling out and have been trash-talking to each other ever since. They are both in the same boat as title contenders in the welterweight division, and them fighting each other seemed to be inevitable.

Both men have recently lost twice to champion Kamaru Usman, and both are trying to get back to that title shot. Masvidal has been rising in popularity over the last few years with his personality and impressive wins in the Octagon. However, Covington is also one of the more recognized if not popular fighters on the roster. Masvidal feels he is the star in this one, but Covington most likely feels the same way.

Who do you think holds the bigger star power, Jorge Masvidal or Colby Covington?

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