Monday, May 16, 2022

Michael Bisping Responds To Complaints About His UFC 271 Commentary

Michael Bisping made his pay-per-view commentary debut at UFC 271, but many fans thought he was biased towards Israel Adesanya.

Throughout the fight, Bisping was praising Adesanya and believed he won nearly every round and the scrap was not that close. However, to many fans watching, it felt very close, and some media members even score the bout for Whittaker. But for Bisping, he doesn’t think he was biased and says the judges’ scorecards prove he was calling the fight correctly.

“It was a really close fight and to all you haters out there that are talking s***, the judges agree with everything that I f***ing said,” Bisping said on his YouTube channel.

“So, I’m not taking validation from that nor am I using this as an excuse to sit here and say I know it all. I watched a fight very closely, very intently, but I will go away and watch it and see if I made any mistakes. If you hear bad reviews of your work, you want to take it on board with an open mind. I want to get better; I want to learn and grow as a human being.”

Michael Bisping

Israel Adesanya was awarded the unanimous decision with the scorecards being 48-47 x2 and 49-46. It marked the fourth title defense of his middleweight and second win over Robert Whittaker. He has started to clean out the middleweight division, but this fight was much closer, despite Bisping believing it was a clear victory for the middleweight champ.

We should find out soon who Israel Adesanya will fight next.

Michael Bisping was added to the UFC 271 commentating team as a late replacement for Joe Rogan. Despite the criticisms of Bisping’s commentary, the former middleweight champion no doubt adds a lot to the booth with his experience fighting and knowing what the fighters are going through.

Do you think Michael Bisping was biased towards Israel Adesanya?

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