Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Michael Bisping On Joe Rogan Fill: “Not Looking To Take Anyone’s Job”

UFC analyst and former middleweight champion Michael Bisping has heard the critics of his fill-in for Joe Rogan at the desk at UFC 271.

Bisping was on the call with play-by-play broadcaster Jon Anik and color commentator Daniel Cormier for the recent UFC 271 pay-per-view in Houston, TX. One notable absence from the event was Rogan, who has been marred by controversy in recent weeks.

Fans were divided on Bisping’s performance at the commentary desk, with some accusing him of showing bias and not replacing Rogan adequately. Bisping has commentated UFC Fight Night events but has been rarely seen for pay-per-view broadcasts.

During a recent Q+A session on his YouTube channel, Bisping addressed his critics and whether or not he would return to work pay-per-views in the future should he be needed.

“Well, considering all the backlash from all the motherfuckers out there, probably not. They’re probably like, ‘Whoa, we gave him a try. He was fuking awful. He was biased.’ Nah. I don’t know. We’ll see. We’ll see because I was only filling in for Joe Rogan; so, probably not. Joe will more than likely be back on the next one. So, therefore, I will not. I don’t wanna take anyone’s job. And you know what? I like enjoying the pay-per-views as a fan. Now, don’t get me wrong. The best seat in the house is literally right there, working the shows.

“If nobody can make it and they need somebody to fill in, I would be absolutely over the moon to do so. But I don’t want to take anyone’s job.” (h/t SportsKeeda)

It was initially reported that Rogan would miss UFC 271 due to a “scheduling conflict”, which was later shut down by UFC president Dana White. After Rogan stepped away from his usual post just days before the event, Bisping filled in on short notice to help boost the commentary team.

While Rogan wasn’t present at the event, some fans chanted “We Want Rogan” throughout the fights. Bisping appears to be unbothered by the unwavering support for Rogan by his fans.

It’s not 100% clear whether or not Rogan’s absence will be long-term or short-term ahead of the UFC 272 pay-per-view next month. If Rogan opts to once again step aside, Bisping could get the call to fill once again.

What were your thoughts on Michael Bisping’s commentary at UFC 271?

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