Saturday, May 28, 2022

Mike Perry: A Loss To Julian Lane “Would Have Been It For Me”

Mike Perry is relieved he won his BKFC fight against Julian Lane.

Mike Perry just had his first bare-knuckle fight this past weekend, and he is happy he won, or else it could have been his last. Perry beat former UFC fighter Julian Lane in the main event of BKFC Knucklemania 2. This bare-knuckle venture for Perry was not supposed to be an “end of the road” type situation, but Perry explains how it could have turned out that way.

“He brought it as far as talkin’ trash, being there in the fight even after I hurt him—he tried,” Perry told MMA Fighting. “He brought it, he wanted to win, and I didn’t let him. And had it gone the other way, that would have been it for me. Like, you can’t lose to that guy, close or not. That’s the pressure that was on me.”

BKFC result: Mike Perry out-slugs Julian Lane, wins unanimous decision
Mike Perry vs. Julian Lane at BKFC Knucklemania 2

This BKFC fight came after Perry fought out his UFC contract. During his time with the UFC, he went 7-8. The last few years were particularly bad, with Perry losing seven of his last ten fights. His release may have come much sooner had he not been such a colorful character. Perry’s attitude and antics outside the cage make him a draw and fans typically either love him or hate him.

Perry has also been in hot water with the law several times over the last few years. After his UFC departure, this opportunity at BKFC could have served as a new beginning. Now that he has won the fight bout via unanimous decision, there are plenty of opportunities for him in this promotion, if he chooses to stay. Bare-knuckle boxing has become very popular over the last year or so and having a character like Perry headlining cards is sure to make people want to tune in.

Perry is fitting the part with his ongoing unpredictable behavior. He even showed up to the pre-fight press conference with a baseball bat! “Platinum Mike” is certainly playing the part perfectly and maybe could find his way back to MMA soon.

Do you think Mike Perry would have quit fighting with a loss at BKFC to Julian Lane?

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