Friday, May 27, 2022

Watch: MMA Fighter Suffers Nasty Head Gash Due To “Faulty Cage”

Amateur MMA fighter Hunter Boone is recovering from a head gash he reportedly received during a match with the Martial Combat League.

The bout took place on February 12. Boone faced Jordan Brown at Martial Combat League 3, and within 17 seconds, the match came to a stop.

After both fighters rushed each other, Boone’s head collided with the cage. Immediately, he fell to the ground. Boone fought back, somewhat, with his opponent on top of him, but a moment of stiffness caused the ref to end the match.

You can check out the video below.

“A few seconds after the bell rung Hunter and his opponent spun into the cage,” coach Jason Greer wrote on Facebook. “His opponent had a collar tie and as they hit the fence, Hunter’s head slammed into the gate resulting in Hunter suffering a 20-centimeter gash across the front of his hairline from the left to the right, down the right side and towards the back basically scalping him,” said Greer according to MMA Fighting.

The shocking loss comes after two round 1 finishes, a ghastly end to the fighter’s 2-fight win streak in his amateur career.

Boone is reportedly okay, nursing the 17 staples in his head.

Hunter Boone
Hunter Boone, Photo Credit: Hunter Boone

Fellow gym partner, Jesse Dalton, believes the gash was the cause of a faulty cage. However, Martial Combat League put out a statement insisting their cage was in standard condition prior to and after the match.

“We understand and appreciate everyone’s concern on what happened and our hearts are with the individual who was injured in this incident,” Martial Combat League officials wrote on Facebook. “We were in just as much shock as anyone when this occurred. We assembled our cage no differently than we have for each of our previous events. It is our understanding that the sanctioning commission of the event inspected the cage prior to the show. No issues with the cage were brought to our attention by the sanctioning commission…” said MCL.

Hopefully, it is a speedy recovery and the “Alpha Wolf” can get his MMA career back on track.

What are your thoughts on Boone’s horrific injury?

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