Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Former MMA Fighter Josh Bitterman Is Running For Congress

Former MMA fighter Josh Bitterman is running a campaign to sit in Congress for Michigan’s 11th District.

Bitterman had a 9-1 record in his 10 amateur fights. Now, at 41-years-old, his name is heard in politics.

The election is for the 11th District which includes four towns/cities in Michigan: Farmington Hills, Oak Park, Pontiac, and West Bloomfield Township. Bitterman plans to win the position from current seatholder U.S. Representative Haley Stevens.

Stevens won the election back in 2017 and ended the Republican influence that held the position for many years.

As a small business owner and native of West Bloomfield Township, Bitterman believes he has a strong chance to put Republicans back in the seat for the district.

Bitterman joins the ranks of other MMA fighters who have run or are currently running for Congress, including Royce White, who will run against Ilhan Omar for the Minnesota Congress seat.

What do you make of the growing list of MMA fighters entering politics?

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