Wednesday, May 18, 2022

MMA Fighter Kane Mousah Is Still Going Strong Since His Prison Sentence

12 years ago, MMA fighter Kane Mousah spent four years in prison but has refused to let it ruin his career.

As a young MMA fighter, Mousah feared his career was over when he got sent away. Every day, his prison sentence reminds him of where he came from.

It happened early in his career and was the consequence of his involvement in a gang. Reportedly, Mousah and others were searched and found guilty of possessing a handgun, bullets, and a silencer.

At the time, Mousah was only 23 years of age—young and with a promising career in MMA. Even the judge described the sentencing as a “tragedy” for the rising star.

He was given a 9-year sentence but served only four. The prison experience truly turned his life around.

“Prison deterred me from the life that I used to live – I think it needed to happen for me. I did my time and I used it to change my perspective on life, to make sure I’d come out as a better person. Since I’ve come out of prison, all I’ve tried to do is help other people out along the way. I think I do that,” Mousah told Manchester Evening News.

“The Danger’s” return was incredible, winning by TKO inside round 1. Then, in 2014, he continued to win three back-to-back fights before the second round. He has found success across many MMA platforms before winning two bouts at Bellator.

Now, at 35, Mousah is training hard with one of the UFC‘s most exciting prospects, Khamzat Chimaev for his 15th fight since his return to the cage in 2013.

Kane will fight Irishman Peter Queally in Ireland at Bellator 275 on February 25.

Peter Queally and Kane Mousah
Peter Queally and Kane Mousah, Photo Credit: Fight Nights Global / Bellator MMA

Both Peter and Kane return to the cage after suffering losses in their last bouts. Mousah is the underdog, as the fight will take place in Queally’s home country.

Regardless of the home advantage for Queally, Mousah is excited for the match and expects to win.

Are you excited for Kane Mousah Vs Peter Queally at Bellator 275?

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