Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Paddy Pimblett Believes Jake Paul’s Fighter Pay Talk Is For Publicity

Paddy Pimblett doesn’t think Jake Paul is sincere about wanting to change fighter pay.

Recently, fighters like Anthony Smith have come out and said they believe Paul truly wants fighters to make more. However, Pimblett along with Al Iaquinta doesn’t think that is true, as he thinks the YouTuber-turned-boxer is only doing it for clout.

“I’ll be honest, that’s the thing that pi**ed me off. He’s going on, he’s trying to act like a martyr, like he’s helping MMA fighters,” Pimblett said on his YouTube channel (via Sportskeeda). “He’s not, lad. He’s just doing that for his won publicity… That’s why the only thing that’s pi**ing me off about it, people are like, ‘Aah, he’s actually being good for MMA fighters.’ He’s not. He just wants to make a show of Dana White and that’s the perfect way of doing it.”

Jake Paul

Jake Paul has taken shots at Dana White throughout his time in combat sports, which has even gotten a response from the UFC boss. He also said he would retire from boxing if White made the minimum pay $50k, which has not happened. But for Paddy Pimblett, he believes Paul is only doing this for his own benefit.

Meanwhile, Paul has also said things that seem hard to believe, like him taking an MMA fight. Pimblett says there’s no shot that happens.

“The way he’s saying, ‘I’m gonna end up getting in the cage.’ You’re not, lad,” Pimblett added. “You’re not, stop lying. If you wanna have an MMA fight, I’ll fight you in my ma’s garden tomorrow. You know what I mean?”

Whether or not Jake Paul is actually serious is still unknown. The YouTuber along with some MMA fighters says he is while Pimblett, among countless others, doesn’t think he cares at all.

As for Pimblett, he will return to the Octagon at UFC London on March 19 against Kazula Vargas.

Do you agree with Paddy Pimblett over his comments about Jake Paul?

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