Thursday, May 26, 2022

Peña Adopts ‘Don’t Start Nothing, Won’t Be Nothing’ Mindset For TUF 30

Juliana Peña can’t be certain that there won’t be drama on TUF this season, but she knows that she won’t be the one starting it.

A new season of The Ultimate Fighter is getting underway and the coaches have now been named. Bantamweight champion Juliana Peña will be opposing her former foe Amanda Nunes on the show.

These two are fresh off their bout against each other where Peña dethroned Nunes. A rematch will be set for the conclusion of the season. After spending several weeks in close proximity to each other, the tension is bound to get heavy.

The Ultimate Fighter show is known to have quite a bit of drama. The contestants are stuck in a house together for weeks with no contact with the outside world. Add on top of that weight cutting constantly and having to fight each other. All of these factors make for some loose cannons and drama starting at a moment’s notice.

However, it is not only the cast that has beefed with each other. Many times it is the coaches who are at each other throats.

In the case of TJ Dillashaw and Cody Grabrandt, they were literally at each other’s throats, as in grabbing each other by the throat. There has been some pushing and shoving between coaches since the very early days of TUF, but if any roughness starts this season, Peña claims it will not start it on her end.

“Listen, it’s not gonna come from me on my side,” Peña told the media (via The Mac Life.) “I mean, if she wants to throw some ‘punches,’ we can do that. Trust me, nobody puts baby in a corner. I will be fighting back with everything that I have. I’m not gonna be pulling any shenanigans, and I don’t anticipate that I’m gonna be being that person. But if they come at me, then we’re gonna have a different story, obviously.”

These two had their first faceoff since Peña won the belt from Nunes a few months ago. The face-off was very subdued and neither of them began trash-talking or shoving. All seems calm right now, but tempers could rise after the fights begin on the show and in the UFC APEX.

Do you think there will be drama between Juliana Peña and Amanda Nunes on TUF?

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