Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Rashad Evans Denies Joe Rogan Is A Racist After Latest Controversy

Former UFC light heavyweight champion Rashad Evans thinks Joe Rogan saying a racial slur on his podcast in the past is wrong, but he isn’t racist.

Evans and Rogan go back years from their respective time together in the UFC. Rogan has been a longtime color commentator for the promotion while Evans began his championship run after winning The Ultimate Fighter 2.

Rogan has been under heavy fire from all sides as of late, particularly following a video compilation of him saying the ‘N-Word’ went viral on social media. During a recent interview with TMZ Sports, Evans showed support for his longtime friend and answered whether or not Rogan has racial prejudice.

“It’s very tough for me,” Evans said. “That compilation of the ‘N-Word’ it really is hard to go against that. But I know Joe, and I know the kind of person Joe is, and Joe’s never gave me any kinda feeling or any kind of indication that he’s racist or anything like that. I believe that people make some off-kilter remarks sometimes. And when you’re a comedian, you’re used to doing that.

“Not to excuse any of this, but at the same time when you go back that far, I’m sure there’s going to be a compilation of a lot of unfavorable things that people have said that can come back and bite them.”

Evans recently returned to MMA after a four-year hiatus at Eagle FC 44. He defeated Gabriel Checco via unanimous decision.

Many former and current UFC fighters have spoken out of defense and support for Rogan after the video went viral. The UFC still plans on having Rogan on the UFC 271 commentary team this weekend.

Do you agree with Rashad Evans regarding Joe Rogan?

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