Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Sam Alvey Promised At Least One More Fight In The UFC

Sam Alvey will be getting at least one more farewell fight in the UFC.

Sam Alvey has been on a bad losing streak of late. He has lost seven of his last eight fights, with one draw thrown in. For some time now, many people believed that he would be cut from the UFC; however, he has continued showing up and fighting in the organization. Now, it seems he will be getting one more shot despite rumors that he had been removed from the roster.

Following his last loss, reports that Alvey had been cut from the UFC were circulating. Now, Alvey has posted a video on his YouTube channel saying that he was not cut after all and he explain what went down in that conversation with the UFC over the phone.

“The UFC called and said ‘Sam, how’s it going, where are you living now? You’re not in California, you are in Tennesee right?’ Then there was kinda this deep breath on their end. ‘Your last couple of fights have been great but we have not won,” Alvey explains what the UFC said on the phone. “I said ‘Yeah, I realized.’ They said, ‘That being said, you won a few of those fights that the judges got wrong. And the fights you lost, they were entertaining fights.”

He went on to describe how the UFC was grateful for his long career with the company and they appreciated everything he had done and how he was a pleasure to work with. Alvey admitted that he was waiting to hear the bad news, but the conversation took a different turn.

“You say yes to every fight, you go out and fight your heart out,” Alvey explained the conversation. “You have taken some fights on short notice that you probably shouldn’t have, but you are always game, you have never said no. We have decided that we will let you fight out your contract.’ I’m not cut! I get at least one more fight with the UFC. On my contract there is one more fight, I’m not cut.”

Alvey has not given any details on when he will be getting back in the Octagon, just that he will continue to keep fighting whether it is with the UFC or elsewhere when his contract is up.

Do you believe Sam Alvey should still be on the UFC roster?

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