Friday, May 27, 2022

Sonnen Urges Floyd Mayweather To Pay Paul Before FBI Involvement

Chael Sonnen thinks Floyd Mayweather should speed up the process of paying Logan Paul his fair share after their exhibition.

Mayweather and Paul competed in a boxing exhibition in Miami, FL last year. It was one of the most-watched boxing events of 2021, despite a formal winner not being declared.

The bout between Mayweather and Paul wasn’t officially sanctioned due to the large physical discrepancy between the two of them. The result of the bout was left in the eyes and minds of the viewers.

While Mayweather and Paul seemed to be on amicable terms just minutes after their fight, that has appeared to have fizzled over. Paul has reportedly threatened legal action against Mayweather over an alleged failed payout.

Mayweather has since responded to the allegations during a recent podcast appearance, citing that the issue has to do with pay-per-view revenue.

During a recent segment on his YouTube channel, Sonnen addressed the ongoing drama between Mayweather and Paul.

“I know some of you (who) got the little TMT shirts think that The Money Team’s a real business. It’s not,” Sonnen said of Mayweather. “It’s a bank account that goes one way: Money comes in. They do not have a team. They do not have a staff. They do not have a lease. They do not have obligations. They don’t have debt to service. It’s not a real company. He signed a contract with (The Money Team). That’s a big problem. Big problem for Floyd if he received funds, and he did. And he converted those funds to his own, which it appears that he did.

“So this story is going to be ongoing. But if you are Team Floyd, you’re gonna wanna lawyer up real fast, you’re gonna wanna get a hold of their representation. Before the FB gets called in to look at this, you’re gonna wanna make a deal, and you’re gonna want to pay Logan Paul.”

Mayweather hasn’t competed in professional boxing since his win over former UFC champion Conor McGregor in 2017. He remains adamant about staying retired despite calls for him to return to the ring.

Paul has hinted at a return to boxing in 2022 against fellow YouTube sensation Whindersson Nunes. It’s unclear how the Mayweather/Paul drama will end up playing out in the coming weeks and months.

What are your thoughts on the Floyd Mayweather/Logan Paul drama?

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