Thursday, May 26, 2022

Strickland Provides NSFW Explanation For Why He Won’t Date Karma RX

Sean Strickland is not ready to date adult film star Karma RX until there have been some major life changes on both sides, especially for the latter.

The MMA news cycle is among the most unpredictable sub-genres in all of sports media. If anyone has proven this to be true, it’s Sean Strickland, who has made headlines for a wide range of topics, including his desire to murder someone inside the Octagon, his desire to murder someone outside the Octagon, and even the athletic benefits of masturbation and pornography.

That brings us to today’s story, featuring Sean Strickland and an adult film actress. As you can imagine from such a combination, the readers should brace themselves for the content ahead and reader discretion is advised.

As demonstrated with some of the above-mentioned headlines, Strickland has been quite unpredictable and outspoken over the previous year. In doing so, not only has he garnered the attention of the entire MMA community, but he also caught the eyes and ears of adult film star Karma RX.

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Adult Film Star Karma RX At the Adult Video News Awards

Karma RX is an award-winning adult film actress who has appeared in over 150 films. At present, she has over 3 million followers on social media and a reported net worth of at least $5 million. However, life wasn’t always flashy and lavish for Karma RX.

Before her rise to X-rated fame, she struggled with meth addiction. She has been very open about her road to recovery with her fans and has thus served as an inspiration for many.

Strickland Nips Romance With Karma RX In The Bud

During his UFC Vegas 43 Octagon interview last year, Strickland stated that if it were not for MMA, he’d probably be somewhere “cooking meth in a trailer.” While Strickland did not explicitly state that he has battled meth addiction, apparently, something about this MMA “Tarzan” made Karma RX identify with him on some level, and the two later began flirting on social media last month.

Following his victory over Jack Hermansson at UFC Vegas 47 on Saturday, Strickland suggested that this flirtatious romance will be restricted to social media—for now.

“No, one of these days, maybe when she retires and I retire, we’ll get it going,” Strickland told reporters at the UFC Vegas 47 post-fight press conference when asked about a potential relationship with Karma RX. “But I mean, how do you—girl fuckin’ sucks dick for a living, bro. What do you say? Like, she just got a bunch of dudes cummin’ in her and you’re like, ‘Hey, wanna go on a date, babe? Wanna go get a steak dinner? As she’s cleaning off her lip.”

Despite his usual unfiltered and NSFW take on the latest subject at his disposal, Strickland did express some quasi-wholesome praise for the adult film star for her rags-to-riches story.

“But I will say one thing. Let me compliment my girl fuckin’ Karma. I wanna give her a compliment,” Strickland continued. “That girl’s life was way fuckin’ harder than me. And yeah, she does suck a little dick, but at the end of the day, that fuckin’ bitch makes more money than me, you, and the man with the gay haircut. I mean, in all fairness, she should be a meth addict in a fuckin’ dumpster. So a lot of people hate on Karma, but at the end of the day, man, girl’s fuckin’ doing well for herself.”

What say you? Would YOU date Karma RX while she is an active adult film star?

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