Monday, May 16, 2022

Thiago Alves Shares Mike Perry’s Interest In BKFC Showdown

Thiago Alves is looking for the biggest fight possible.

Thiago Alves has been a professional fighter since 2001. He has been involved in some very exciting matchups over the years. Now that he has 38 professional MMA fights and two bare-knuckle fights on his résumé, he isn’t looking to slow down. In fact, Alves is looking for the biggest fight he can get. Right now, that might be a bout with Mike Perry.

Alves spent fourteen years in the UFC. Following his release, Alves decided to sign a contract with BKFC. He has found success in BKFC and is now the middleweight champion. Bare-knuckle fighting has found its niche in combat sports and now has a real following.

More former UFC fighters are heading that way, and maybe the most popular among them is Mike Perry. Perry just had his first fight with BKFC and Alves was watching.

“He looked good. He’s not going to look that good against me though,” Alves told TMZ Sports via MiddleEasy. “I hope we can make this fight happen. It was supposed to happen in 2017. I’m looking forward to that knuckling up.”

Alves is looking to take on Perry in his next fight. Perry was also interested in this matchup as well, so the odds of it happening seem pretty good. Alves believes that this could be the biggest fight in BKFC yet.

“Without a doubt [it will be the biggest fight ever]. Mike Perry is like the new generation, you know, he has a lot of hype behind him. Didn’t do as much as I’ve done in the sport, you know, I’ve been a lot longer than he has, but as right now, I don’t see any bigger fight in the making for the organization,” Alves said. “So, Dave Feldman, let’s make it happen!”

Perry got himself back in the win column with his BKFC win over former UFC fighter Julian Lane. Perry’s appearance in BKFC is a sort of reawakening for his career that didn’t end too well with the UFC. If this is the biggest fight to make going forward, it should be something on the horizon in 2022.

Would you want to see this potential matchup between Thiago Alves and Mike Perry?

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