Wednesday, May 18, 2022

UFC Veteran Blasts “Clown” Jake Paul For Fake Fighter-Pay Interest

UFC veteran Sam Alvey isn’t buying what Jake Paul is selling when it comes to the controversial issue of fighter pay.

Paul has been a vocal critic of UFC President Dana White regarding how fighters on the roster are treated. He has also offered to sign a one-fight deal to fight in the UFC if certain demands are met by White and the promotion, which includes providing health insurance for athletes.

Paul is coming off an eventful 2021 in which he continued his undefeated streak in boxing. He earned back-to-back wins over former UFC champion Tyron Woodley and also knocked out former Bellator champion Ben Askren.

In addition to his actions inside the ring, Paul has taken it to the UFC outside of it. He has also accused White of using cocaine with the two sides claiming that the other has dodged challenges.

During a recent interview with Full Mount MMA, Alvey explained why he thinks Paul’s promotion of better fighter pay isn’t legitimate.

“Jake Paul is a clown and he is not trying to help fighter pay, he is trying to help himself,” Alvey said. “Every fight sells when you either want to see somebody win or see somebody get knocked out. Jake Paul has figured out that everyone wants to see him get knocked out so he wants to try and switch that narrative… and so he goes after the low-hanging fruit that sounds great to everyone, ‘pay fighters more’… If UFC, Dana White, any of those guys were to do what Jake Paul is asking, he wouldn’t get us paid more, he would eliminate the roster of the UFC. We would go from a roster of what 800 to down to 75.” (h/t SportsKeeda)

Paul has called out UFC fighters Nate Diaz, Conor McGregor, and Jorge Masvidal for fights in the ring. However, all three are still under contract with the UFC and will likely not be allowed to fight Paul anytime soon.

Paul continues to put the heat on White and the UFC brass to enact change in how fighters are compensated. But some fighters such as Alvey don’t believe Paul is someone to be taken seriously.

Do you agree with Sam Alvey?

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