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Archives: UFC Fighter Mike Perry Drops Patron In Bar Fight (2020)

Tonight, Mike Perry will be competing in a sanctioned bare-knuckle fight. Two years ago, he competed in an unsanctioned one.

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Headline: Video: UFC Fighter Mike Perry Drops Patron In Bar Fight

Author: Fernando Quiles Jr.

UFC welterweight Mike Perry was involved in a bar fight where he dropped a patron.

Perry is known for having a unique personality. “Platinum” isn’t afraid to get in his opponent’s faces for staredowns as well as make some rather odd statements, such as his battle with taxes and wanting to stick his finger in Darren Till’s eye. Still, many fans brush it off as Perry being a unique character. It’s become apparent, however, that this goes beyond playing things up for marketability.

Mike Perry Drops Patron & The N-Word During Bar Fight

MMA Eejit posted a video showing Perry with a female companion, who looks to be his girlfriend Latory Gonzalez. Perry had Gonzalez as the lone cornerperson for his last outing against Mickey Gall. Here’s the footage but be warned, the language is NSFW.

It’s unclear what caused the argument in the first place but it’s clear Perry was quite heated with the female companion and other patrons. Perry called a man a “fat piece of sh*t” before dropping him after being shoved. After the incident, Perry was yelling at another female who was escorting him out of the bar as he felt she wasn’t on his side during the altercation. Perry also dropped the N-word several times and told people to “back the f*ck up.”

Perry was last seen in action back in late June. He earned a unanimous decision victory over Gall. It was a much-needed win for Perry, who was coming off back-to-back losses. Perry said he’s looking for the right team that he can bond with rather than have instructions shouted at him.

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