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(Archives) Weidman: Silva’s 2nd Failed Drug Test Tarnishes Legacy (2018)

Chris Weidman and Anderson Silva found something in common after Weidman’s horrific leg break at UFC 261 last year. Silva suffered the same fate in his rematch against Weidman years prior. One thing that they don’t have in common is failed drug tests, as Weidman made clear in this article published four years ago.

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On This Day Four Years Ago…


Headline: Weidman on Silva’s Second Failed Drug Test: It Tarnishes His Legacy

Author: Fernando Quiles Jr.

Chris Weidman believes Anderson Silva’s legacy has taken a massive hit after two failed drug tests.

Silva’s career may be coming to an end as he’s facing a four-year suspension. “The Spider’s” team has said their fighter will never compete again if he’s hit with a two-year suspension.

Weidman, who has defeated Silva twice, told that “The Spider’s” legacy has taken a hit:

“Yeah, it definitely tarnishes his legacy. You fail a drug test, your whole career is in question, in my opinion. And he failed them now twice. So definitely it tarnishes his legacy. I don’t know what else to say about that. It’s just another one bites the dust. It’s one after another. Literally, almost every guy I ever fought at this point has failed a drug test.”

He went on to say he isn’t surprised at the increase in drug violations.

“I’m not really that surprised. After the first one and now this one. He’s older now. I don’t know. I’m not super surprised. In Brazil, I know the steroids are very easy to get. A lot of guys were probably on them a long time. I’m not super surprised. The reality is that it definitely tarnishes his legacy.”

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