Thursday, May 26, 2022

Quote: Nobody Needs Covington As Much As Adesanya

Chael Sonnen believes that Israel Adesanya needs Colby Covington to draw more eyeballs to a title fight involving the champion at middleweight.

With Adesanya’s last two fights being rematches which had the champion as a clear favourite, the UFC middleweight division is starting to become less appealing with every title fight. Whittaker did challenge with the latest title shot but yet he ultimately still fell short with nobody seemingly having the answer to Adesanya’s dominance.

Covington has spoken of his interest in going up to face the UFC middleweight champion. The #1 ranked UFC welterweight believes his wrestling could be a determining factor in how a fight may play out against Adesanya. (h/t MMA Fighting)

“I think he needs to go up to 185,” Sonnen told The Chael Sonnen Show on ESPN+ show. “Look, Colby has called out three guys in the last two weeks: He, of course, called out Kamaru Usman; he called out Israel Adesanya; and he called out Dustin Poirier. Now you’ve got to understand, the one thing those three guys have in common is they all have world championship belts somewhere on the mantle at home. These are hard callouts by ‘Chaos,’ but ‘Chaos,’ who’s obviously a No. 1 contender, does not get a fight for a championship. It’s a tough spot.

Colby Covington
Colby Covington

“So he’s saying, ‘Look, I’m even willing to leave the division. Let me take this golden ticket of No. 1 contender and let me cash it in at 185 pounds.’ And quite frankly, nobody needs Colby as bad as Izzy Adesanya. I don’t know if Israel is aware of that yet, but he’s starting to fight people that aren’t doing their job in the media, that aren’t bringing the attention, that aren’t helping the brand and making the marquee fight as big as it could be. I think if Izzy stood back and saw what Colby has to offer, that’s gonna be a partner that he would like to do business with.”

Covington moving up to middleweight to face Adesanya may well be a possibility for the future. But for now, it appears that Jared Cannonier is next in line at 185lbs for a title shot. Meaning the former UFC interim welterweight champion may have to settle for a grudge match with Dustin Poirier instead or face another opponent at 170lbs.

Should ‘The Killa Gorilla’ be tamed and dealt with convincingly by the middleweight champion then a new face at middleweight may emerge next. However, UFC President Dana White has stated that Covington would not receive an immediate title shot at Adesanya should he move up.

For the most part, the current set of contenders at middleweight seem almost too respectful towards the champion that title fights in the division become less appealing for fans. While we all know the level of confidence Covington has that he will play down any possibility of the champion beating him.

With what we have previously seen of the American’s trash talk we can for sure expect some heated back-and-forth exchanges should a fight ever emerge between the two.

Do you think we ever see Covington fight Adesanya for the UFC middleweight belt?

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