Monday, May 23, 2022

Askarov Strives To Represent Deaf Community As UFC Champion

Askar Askarov opened up about his dream to represent the deaf community as a UFC champion.

Having won an Olympic gold medal for wrestling back in 2017 and being the flyweight champion at Absolute Championship Akhmat, Askarov already has experience representing his community as a champion.

And with his astonishing MMA record of 14 wins and 1 draw, he stands a strong chance at claiming gold in the UFC.

Askar Askarov, Photo Credit: Getty Images / Absolute Championship Akhmat

Askarov makes fighting with approximately 80 percent hearing loss look easy as he pushes through the flyweight competition.

The inspirational weight that his existence carries makes him proud to be a member of the deaf community and represent them so greatly.

“I’m very happy and proud to represent the deaf community and I always feel their support,” Askarov told through a translator.

Askarov is unbeaten next to his draw against former flyweight champion Brandon Moreno.

Brandon Moreno and Askar Askarov at UFC Fight Night 159, Photo Credit: Getty Images

And when it comes to training, Askarov is no different from any other fighter.

“I train the same way as all other fighters,” said Askarov. “I’m not doing anything specific; just hard work and dedication, that what means the most.”

“Bullet” may not be the first deaf fighter on the UFC roster, but he does possess the potential to become the promotion’s first deaf champion. Matt “The Hammer” Hammil was born deaf and was a fierce competitor in the light heavyweight division.

Currently ranked #2 in the division, Askarov believes a title shot is next for him after his fight on Saturday night against Kai Kara-France.

“It would mean the world to me to become a UFC world champion,” he said. “I worked so hard through all these years and I keep working hard to reach my goal.
“After this fight, I truly believe I deserve title shot next, but it’s up to (UFC President) Dana (White), obviously.”

If a title shot win is in the cards for Askarov, it will be a historical moment.

He faces a tough opponent in New Zealand fighter Kai Kara-France at UFC Columbia. The results of their anticipated matchup will likely determine how soon Askarov achieves his goal.

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