Friday, May 27, 2022

Campaign To Raise Money For Cain Velasquez Shut Down By GoFundMe

The effort to help Cain Velasquez has been put to a stop.

In light of the ongoing situation with Cain Velasquez and his criminal trial, fans and friends are trying to help. Velasquez was taken into custody by San Jose Police department and is being charged with several counts, including attempted murder. Velasquez is a popular figure in MMA and wrestling circles and has many people pulling for him.

Two GoFundMe accounts were set up to help raise money for Velasquez’s family and legal fees. Unfortunately for the people who were involved in either fund, they were taken down by GoFundMe due to policy.

“We can confirm that both fundraisers were removed, and all donors have been refunded,” a GoFundMe spokesperson told MMA Junkie. “GoFundMe prohibits raising money for the legal defense of a violent crime.”

Velasquez is currently being held without bail. His bail was denied on the case of his “reckless” behavior. The list of charges for Velasquez is as follows: attempted murder (one count), shooting at a motor vehicle or aircraft (one count), assault with a firearm (three counts), assault with a deadly weapon (three counts), willfully discharging a firearm from a vehicle (one count), and carrying a loaded firearm with intent to commit a felony (one count).

Bail will not be able to be requested again unless the list of charges changes somehow. Velasquez is a father and will remain in jail until his trial. The GoFundMe was set to help the family in this time as well.

There are many supporters of Velasquez who have been trying to help out any way they can. Although GoFundMe is not an option at this time, there are other ways that people are raising money. A #FreeCain campaign has been trending on social media as a way for people who are looking to support him and his family to come together.

What do you think of GoFundMe taking down these accounts?

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