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Sonnen Has Felony Charges Dismissed, Brendan Schaub Weighs In

Chael Sonnen’s alleged altercation at a Las Vegas hotel in September may have been a case of blind rage according to a recent report.

Sonnen was originally charged with 11 counts of battery following a brawl at the Four Seasons Hotel in Las Vegas. The incident allegedly began after Sonnen’s wife was harassed while the couple was on the casino floor of the Luxor Hotel and Casino.

Sonnen allegedly beat and attempted to choke out a man in a hotel hallway and also punched the man’s wife as she attempted to stop the brawl. Julie and Christopher Stellpflug are now suing Sonnen for emotional distress and injury as a result of the incident.

According to police documents acquired by TMZ, Sonnen had no memory of the incident after he was detained by officers. He was cited for the altercation and was not taken to jail.

MMA reporter Oscar Willis also reported on Wednesday that all felonies against Sonnen have been dismissed, and the case will resort back to the original five misdemeanor charges.

Brendan Schaub Has Questioned Elements Of Chael Sonnen’s Battery Case

Brendan Schaub
Image Credit: Desiree Navarro/WireImage via Getty Images

MMA commentator Brendan Schaub has vigorously defended Sonnen’s actions and was the one who alleged that the incident stemmed from his wife being harassed.

The lone video footage from the detainment of Sonnen made available to the public is a brief clip provided by TMZ in which he was escorted out of the hotel by officers. During a recent episode of The Schaub Show, Schaub questioned why additional footage hasn’t been made public.

“I stay at Four Seasons, nice hotel. Where’s the security footage?” Schaub said of Sonnen. “It’s in the hallway. There’s cameras everywhere. Where’s the camera? This is very easy to solve. Where’s the Four Seasons hotel security footage? I’d love to see it. Again I think there’s this guy’s version of story, [Chael Sonnen’s] and the truth somewhere in the middle…

“This is how I operate, you know. I don’t know what happened there. Knowing Chael, I have a hard time, hard time. The guy has no history of violence outside the octagon that randomly picked this innocent family and punched both them in the face? I have a very hard time believing that. Very, very difficult time believing that.” (h/t SportsKeeda)

Sonnen has yet to publically comment on the alleged incident and his court case. He is due to appear in a Las Vegas courtroom on April 27.

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