Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Colby Covington’s Parents Do Not Approve Of His Fight Persona

Colby Covington‘s parents are not on board with his shtick.

Over the last few years, Colby Covington has become many people’s number-one fighter they love to hate. He has also risen up the UFC welterweight rankings and proven that he is one of the best around at 170 pounds. Covington puts on a show whenever he is in front of the camera and has been making enemies wherever he goes.

Covington’s loud persona and harsh words aren’t for everyone and, in fact, many people are not fans of it at all. Some of the people closest to Covington do not approve of this form of attention-getting. Covington explains how his parents feel about the way he presents himself in public.

“I got so many calls from them just screaming at me, ‘I can’t believe you fu–ing called the Brazilainas filthy animals, I didn’t raise you, I should wash your mouth out soap,'” he told FULL SEND PODCAST. “I was like ‘Mom, they were acting like filthy animals, what do you want me to do?’ and she f–king, click, hung up on me. She didn’t want to talk to me for a couple of weeks.”

Covington has made many enemies during his UFC run. The time he was discussing was when he was in Brazil following his win over Demian Maia and spewed some disturbing insults to the Brazilan crowd. His comments were met with backlash but Covington has not changed his ways since then.

“They still have a hard time processing it, they are still a little bit like, ‘f–k man, does he really do this?” Covington said of his parents. “Is he really pissing off half the country and half the world?’ I don’t think they get it.’ They’re never gonna understand it. There’s always going to be something else that you have to do or say.”

Do you like the way Colby Covington presents himself?

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