Monday, May 16, 2022

McGregor Finally Responds To Jake Paul & Claps Back At Malignaggi

Conor McGregor fired back at one new target and one from years past after both took aim at the Irishman’s boxing skills.

Conor McGregor has remained active after breaking his leg at UFC 264 against Dustin Poirier. He has spent much of his time bulking up and active resting. And now, he has begun to hit the pads as he inches closer to his targeted summer return.

When footage of McGregor engaging in an outdoor training session was released, the Irishman left himself wide open to criticism from peers and haters alike, or in this case both.

Notorious troll Jake Paul shared his thoughts on McGregor’s handiwork, calling it “embarrassing” and telling McGregor “Your chin (is) wide open with no head movement for the PRBLM CHILD right hand of god.”

This is far from the first time Paul has jabbed McGregor. The former champ-champ was even one of Paul’s targets in his Dana White Diss Track.

Additionally, Paul has been angling for a fight with McGregor for roughly a year now, roasting him at every turn. In fact, the YouTuber even went so far as to create a “Sleepy McGregor chain,” which depicted McGregor’s posture on the mat immediately after getting TKOd by Dustin Poirier at UFC 257.

But through all the jokes and challenges, McGregor has never issued a direct response to Paul. That is until Friday.

After Paul’s critique of McGregor’s boxing technique, “The Notorious” posted the following video on his Twitter page:

After shadowboxing in bed for a few seconds, McGregor would shout, “Jackass!” before belting out a hearty laugh.

McGregor & Malignaggi Back At It Again

Soon after McGregor’s exchange with Paul, a name from McGregor’s past, Paulie Malignaggi, also weighed in on McGregor’s training video. Unsurprisingly, the “Magic Man” was not complimentary.

“I agree with Jake. Connor is light work,” Malignaggi wrote.

“He ain’t s**t” Malignaggi further assessed when a Twitter user spoke up in defense of McGregor.

Never being one in need of someone to defend him, McGregor would counter Malignaggi himself.

“I left you like a little seesaw,” McGregor said with an image from their infamous sparring session prior to the MayMac event.

Malignaggi has always argued that him hitting the canvas during this session was actually a result of a push and that he wasn’t actually dropped by a McGregor punch. He also repeatedly called on McGregor to release the full sparring footage instead of cherry-picked clips.

The full sparring session was never released, and Malignaggi has continued to take shots at McGregor ever since their falling out, even five years later.

Though Malignaggi and McGregor never had the opportunity to compete in a full boxing match, Malignaggi did have the opportunity to fight McGregor’s close friend Artem Lobov in a bare-knuckle boxing match in 2019.

Prior to the bout, Malignaggi admitted to not taking Lobov seriously and laughed about MMA fans being dumb enough to believe Lobov stood a chance.

Lobov would go on to win the contest via split decision.

What are your thoughts on McGregor’s clap-backs to Jake Paul and Paulie Malignaggi?

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