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Archives: Alleged Conor McGregor Victim Details Miami Robbery (2019)

The alleged Conor McGregor victim details the Miami robbery incident that landed "The Notorious" behind bars in Florida.

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On This Day Three Years Ago…


Conor McGregor landed himself behind bars once again this week. “The Notorious” was arrested in Miami Beach after allegedly smashing a fan’s phone and stealing it. The victim, who has since been identified as Ahmed Abdirzak, gave his side of the story to TMZ Sports. The London resident claims McGregor actually fooled him, going in for a handshake before taking his phone and smashing it (via MMA Junkie):

“He came to shake my hand, and as soon as he came to shake my hand, he pulled me in and grabbed my phone and started smashing it,” Abdirzak said. “All these security guards literally surrounded me and pushed me out of the way. And he’s stomping on it.

“He was a lot rude. He was like, ‘Get the (expletive) out of my face. Move.’ And I was like, ‘Yo, sir can I have my phone back?’ And (security guards said), ‘Move, man. Conor said what Conor said.’”

Abdirzak then claims McGregor picked up the phone, pocketed it, and walked off while laughing. The 30-year-old was arrested hours later that day on strong-arm robbery and criminal mischief charges. Abdirzak said his phone is valued at $1,000, but the photos of his child are priceless, and he might never get them back:

“I’ve got pictures of my son I’ll probably never get again,” Abdirzak said.

What do you think about McGregor’s phone-smashing incident in Miami?

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