Monday, May 16, 2022

Covington Describes Masvidal As Fidel Castro Junior, Masvidal Responds

UFC welterweight Colby Covington has been met with a stern response after comparing upcoming opponent Jorge Masvidal to Fidel Castro.

It won’t come as a surprise to anyone that Covington has approached fight week for UFC 272 with his usual mindset. We’d have been stupid to expect anything else.

We’ve come to know the former interim champion as a man who will say controversial things in order to attract attention and headlines. That’s something that even partially led to the downfall of his friendship with former roommate and teammate Masvidal.

Ahead of the pair’s heated clash this Saturday, Covington once again hasn’t held back. That was evident at UFC 272 media day when he compared “Gamebred” with Fidel Castro, who was a Cuban revolutionary and leader of the Caribbean nation between 1959 and 2008.

“I never ask for handouts, I’m not like Jorge Masvidal. That guy is the definition of handouts,” Covington told reporters. “He used to use an Obama Phone. He used to food stamps from the government. He’s Fidel Castro junior. The guy is the definition of communism and here he is trying to act like he’s a right-winger now. It’s just funny, the hypocrisy.” (h/t The Mac Life)

Having previously attacked the entire nation of Brazil and used rival Kamaru Usman‘s Nigerian heritage as an insult, it’s hardly surprising to see Covington go down the route of utilizing Masvidal’s background as a weapon.

Masvidal Fires Back: He Is Clearly Trying To Get Emotion Out Of Me

While Masvidal was born and raised in Miami, his father was Cuban. According to “Gamebred,” his father fled Cuba in a self-made raft at a young age. Masvidal has never shied away from criticizing the politics and regime his father’s country is run under.

With that in mind, Covington’s insult certainly crosses the line for Masvidal. During his own appearance at UFC 272 media day, the 37-year-old had the opportunity to respond.

Noting the immense pain caused to his family by the Castro rule, Masvidal described the deceased leader as the only person he dislikes more than Covington. With that said, “Gamebred” acknowledged that Covington used the comparison to try and force emotion out of him, something many have pointed out as a key factor heading into their main event bout.

“Due to Fidel Castro, family members of mine died,” Masvidal said. “My aunt is actually missing a breast because she tried to cross over from Cuba to Guantanamo Bay and the whole area is rigged with landmines. She’s now missing a tit because as she was crossing over, a landmine exploded.

“So for him to say that is clearly trying to get an emotion out of me and to get in the newspapers. The one person I dislike more than Colby Covington is no longer alive and it’s Fidel Castro,” concluded Masvidal.

Having previously referenced Masvidal’s family and children, it’s safe to say that there isn’t much left for Covington to comment on that could get under Masvidal’s skin. However, the topic of Castro and Cuba is clearly something the #6-ranked welterweight won’t entertain, and understandably.

While this grudge match certainly didn’t need more insults and back and forth to make it intriguing, that’s exactly what we’re getting so far in fight week. But when the cage door shuts, the time for talking will be over.

While Masvidal will be hoping to make his former teammate pay for his remarks and historical actions, “Chaos” will be targeting the comfortable victory he claims the UFC 272 main event should be for him.

Did Colby Covington take things too far by comparing Jorge Masvidal to Fidel Castro?

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