Friday, May 27, 2022

Colby Covington Banishes Jorge Masvidal From The City Of Miami

Colby Covington has ordered Jorge Masvidal to leave the city of Miami immediately.

When a fight has two years’ worth of trash talk leading in, you can expect there to be some post-fight gloating to match it, especially if the winner’s name is Colby Covington.

Covington hasn’t exactly earned a reputation for being the most humble of competitors on the UFC roster. Prior to his UFC 272 bout against former roommate and teammate Jorge Masvidal, Covington was already making bold predictions for how the fight would play out.

Now that the fight has come and gone and Covington is satisfied with the unanimous decision victory, he’s not being coy about reminding the world of the fight’s outcome.

One of the claims made by Covington prior to the fight was that he was putting four titles on the line. One of those titles was the “Miami title,” with Covington proclaiming himself to be the “King of Miami.”

Now that he has turned in a successful title defense, if you will, his next act as “king” is to banish Masvidal from the city he has called home for his entire life.

This means no more luscious Miami beaches, no more home games for the #1-ranked Miami Heat, no more intoxicating nightlife down at South Beach, etc. And should Masvidal not obey Covington’s order, the self-proclaimed king warns of a harsh penalty.

“I’m the king of Miami now. Jorge needs to leave the city,” Covington ordered at the UFC 272 post-fight press conference.

“It’s not big enough for the two of us. So he needs to leave or he’s gonna get sparked again.”

Although Drizzy Drake coughed up $275,000 in a losing bet on Masvidal to defeat Covington, it’s a lock bet that Masvidal will not obey the self-proclaimed “king.”

In fact, Masvidal has already said that he would still love nothing more than to finish this rivalry on the streets once and for all by doing what he failed to do at UFC 272: break Covington’s face.

Do you believe we’ve seen the end of the Colby Covington/Jorge Masvidal rivalry?

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