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Covington Responds To Masvidal’s Allegations Of Snitching

Colby Covington tells a different story of what went down between him and Jorge Masvidal at UFC 241.

Recently, Masvidal added some more heat to the rivalry by revealing details of the night Covington “snitched” on him to Dana White. According to “Gamebred,” when he confronted the former interim welterweight champion about some things he said online, Covington immediately spoke to Dana White about it.

However, Covington remembers the scenario a little differently. Here is what he said in an interview with ESPN MMA:

“Jorge was in the fifth row, he’s five row backs. I’m the champion at the time, so I’m first row, and I’m there to support my boy DC, the “Natty Goat”. You know, Daniel Cormier is the legend, the “Natty Goat.” I call him the “Natty Goat” for a reason. So, I’m there to support him in his fight versus Stipe Miocic, and I just hear rumbling behind me and people are shuffling, and I’m like what the [MUTED]. What’s going on back there? And then I see Jorge, and I’m like ‘Yo, what’s up man? What are you doing, dude?’ ‘Oh, I’m gonna [MUTED] you up for all the things you said. Let’s go outside. Let’s go, dude.’

There are many differences in their stories. For starters, Masvidal claims he tapped Covington on the shoulder and asked him to talk outside. But what happened next is where the two stories diverge wildly.

“And I’m like ‘Dude, you really want to go do this outside Jorge, I’m gonna dump you on your head. You’re not gonna have the UFC to pay your medical bills, so you really want to do this?’ And he’s just running his mouth from like the 4th of 5th row back. I’m in the front row, and I’m just like ‘Dude, act like a professional.’

“And that’s the whole thing, we’re at a UFC event, man, when have I ever laid hands on someone when I can beat up anybody in the crowd, any of the fighters—none of them can touch me. I’m the best fighter in the entire world. But I don’t do it ’cause I’m a professional. I handle my business in the cage. That’s where I do my business, in the UFC Octagon,” Covington continued.

Dana White Gets Involved In Covington/Masvidal Drama

Dana White
Dana White, Photo Credit: Getty Images

Through Masvidal’s eyes, Covington ran and told Dana White after their interaction. However, Covington denies the entire thing.

Yes, he spoke to Dana White, but it was not to “snitch.” He says it was because White approached him about the ordeal.

“So Dana came over to me, he’s like ‘I don’t want any stuff messing up this event tonight. We need this fight to go through, and we don’t need anything to ruin it in the crowd.’ And he goes and tells Jorge the same exact thing. ‘Jorge, chill out, dude. You’re not gonna fight him, dude. You’re not gonna fight in the streets. You guys are professional cage fighters. You guys wanna fight, you can settle it in the Octagon.'”

A constant in their story is that Dana White did squash any potential scuffle, making it very clear to not fight at the event.

Obviously, nothing went down that night. But regardless of who is telling the truth, they will settle their conflict legally and in front of the entire world this Saturday, March 5.

What are your thoughts on Colby Covington’s version of what happened between him and Jorge Masvidal at UFC 241?

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