Monday, May 16, 2022

Kayla Harrison Reacts To Being Blocked By Cris Cyborg On Twitter

The beef between Kayla Harrison and Cris Cyborg has led to the Bellator champion blocking Harrison on Twitter.

For months, Kayla Harrison was going through the sometimes difficult ordeal of free agency. That all ended after it was confirmed earlier this week that Harrison has signed a multi-year deal with the PFL.

However, Bellator had been interested in signing Harrison as well. When the prospect of Bellator as a landing spot arose, Bellator women’s featherweight champion Cris Cyborg began to perk up.

Cyborg and Harrison have had many Twitter exchanges in recent months, with Harrison even inviting Cyborg to her gym to have a training/sparring session with her recently. That was not an overly friendly invitation, however, more like a “say this to my face” sort of thing.

Now that Harrison has re-upped with PFL, it seems that Cyborg is done with the talk and blocked her on Twitter.

Cyborg wrote a now-deleted tweet saying, “Tell me you only got 50K followers without telling me you only have 50K…engagement farming is so basic,” and then blocked her. Harrison reacted to this news by again welcoming a fight against the Bellator champion.

“Dang it. I went too far,” she wrote. “Cris please fight me! I won’t use judo just wrestling.”

Following the block, Cyborg explained why she did so, but simultaneously accused Harrison of running from her.

“Nah. I blocked her cause she could have signed with @BellatorMMA and made the fight but didn’t,” Cyborg wrote.

The details of Harrison’s PFL contract are not completely announced, but it is a multi-year contract. With her tied to PFL for the next few seasons, the likelihood that she will ever meet Cyborg in the cage is looking slim. Cyborg is 36 years old and could be nearing the end of a long career that began in 2005.

What are your thoughts on Cris Cyborg blocking Kayla Harrison on Twitter?

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