Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Nevada Supreme Court Dismisses Lawsuit Against Dana White

The Nevada Supreme Court ruled in favor to dismiss the lawsuit Ernesto Joshua Ramos filed against Dana White.

In 2020, White was named in a lawsuit for allegedly going back on a deal in which White’s name would not be revealed in the involvement of a sex tape. The lawsuit came after Ernesto Ramos, personal trainer and real estate agent, served 366 days in federal prison for extortion.

Ernesto Joshua Ramos, Photo Credit: Bizuayehu Tesfaye/Las Vegas Review

The FBI arrested Ramos in early 2015 for extortion attempts. He pleaded guilty to threatening to publicize tapes of White and a woman having sex in a hotel room during a UFC event in 2014.

Reportedly, the woman in the tapes was a Las Vegas stripper and Ramos’ girlfriend, who inconspicuously recorded her and White together with her cellphone. Her name was not revealed in the suit and there were no charges filed against her.

In 2016, the district court judge dismissed the lawsuit against White after his lawyers debated there was no agreement made between White and Ramos. Ramos hired a new team of lawyers and sought to appeal the decision.

And now, three Nevada Supreme Court judges decided to uphold the prior court’s decision to dismiss the lawsuit. The judges claim Ramos did not present any information to prove the court was wrong in their decision.

In addition, they disagree with the validity of the contract made to keep White’s name a secret in exchange for $450k. However, Ramos denies demanding money from White to buy his silence but that it was for him to plead guilty.

For now, White can relax and continue to focus on UFC matters. However, Ramos’ attorney Ian Christopherson is appalled by the Nevada Supreme Court’s decision and is seeking a second opinion of the case from the whole court.

What are your thoughts on the lawsuit against Dana White being dismissed by the Nevada Supreme Court?

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