Archives: Sanchez Goes On Rant After Kevin Lee Misses Weight (2020)

Two days ago, Kevin Lee successfully made weight and defeated Diego Sanchez at Eagle FC 46 in a 165 lbs. catchweight bout. Two years ago, Sanchez blasted Lee for missing weight ahead of his bout against Charles Oliveira. Oliveira would go on to get the victory anyway, but not before Sanchez gave Lee a piece of his mind.

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Headline: Diego Sanchez Goes On Rant After Kevin Lee Misses Weight For UFC Brasilia

Author: Fernando Quiles Jr.

Diego Sanchez is not happy that IV use is banned for weight cuts under USADA.

Ever since the UFC introduced USADA for its anti-doping measures, it has made an impact. Whether you like it or hate it, USADA is here to stay and has been since 2015. While some have praised USADA for keeping fighters clean, others have bashed the agency for being inconsistent with punishments as it pertains to victims of tainted supplements.

Diego Sanchez Blasts USADA’s IV Ban

Another result of USADA being put in place by the UFC is the ban on IV’s for weight cutting. After Kevin Lee missed weight once again for UFC Brasilia, Sanchez posted a rant on Instagram on how the IV ban has negatively affected fighters.

“Another main event misses weight and he will win.. I have been saying it for years weight cutting is bullsh*t it’s bad for the fighters health! Why no change? Why no hydration tests? If your going to allow weight cutting then you should definitely allow IV’s it’s impossible to rehydrate adequately! Therefore creating a unfair place for competition where some guys don’t give a f*ck and use IV’s anyway.”

Weight cutting has been an issue in the world of combat sports for years and it’s unlikely that a universal solution will come anytime soon. Promotions such as ONE Championship have tried to mitigate the issue by ensuring that drastic weight fluctuations are banned and will result in an automatic bout cancelation. There are still measures in place to negotiate a catchweight if a fighter is hydrated but has failed to make the limit by half a pound. UFC color commentator Joe Rogan has praised the system put in place by ONE Championship.

Whether or not the UFC ever utilizes such a system remains to be seen. While ONE’s main goal when it comes to weigh-cutting has been to eliminate dehydration, it’s still an issue for most other MMA promotions.

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