Thursday, May 26, 2022

Dustin Poirier Claims He’s Learned Nate Diaz Has Retired

According to Dustin Poirier, we’ve seen Nate Diaz fight for the last time.

If things went according to his plan, Poirier would have a bout agreement signed to face Diaz later this year. The Louisiana native has made it clear ever since his loss to Charles Oliveira last December that the only fight that currently interests him is one against Diaz. Although the two have continued to trade barbs on social media and publicly lobby for the fight, it has yet to be booked.

One of the biggest reasons the fight is yet to get done is reportedly because Diaz is on the final fight of his current UFC deal and the UFC would like for him to re-sign with the promotion before moving forward with his next fight.

Diaz has stated that a bout against Poirier would be his retirement fight. However, many people are skeptical of the authenticity of this claim for many reasons, including Diaz claiming not too long ago that he would literally never retire from MMA.

According to Poirier, “never” has already arrived.

Dustin Poirier Claims Nate Diaz Has Retired

When asked by a fan who he wants to fight next, the former interim lightweight champion ruled out Diaz, citing Diaz’s alleged retirement as the reason.

“Not sure… i wanted to fight nate this summer but just found out he’s hanging them up. We’ll see what’s exciting in the future”

Of course, it bears mentioning that Diaz has said nothing of officially retiring. In fact, just yesterday he stated he would fight Conor McGregor immediately if McGregor was not “incapable,” in reference to the Irishman not yet being cleared to compete following a leg injury sustained last year.

As Poirier continues to deliberate his next move, one person who has been raising his hand and screaming to fight him is former ATT teammate Colby Covington.

Covington has been calling Poirier out for several months and doing everything possible to provoke him into a fight, including demeaning comments made about his wife and child. Poirier has responded by saying he would never fight Covington in a professional space, lest he allow the controversial welterweight to profit off of his name.

MMA News will keep you updated when more information becomes available regarding the next moves of Dustin Poirier and Nate Diaz.

Do you think Nate Diaz is really retired?

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