Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Francis Ngannou Gives Fans A Peek Into His Recovery Following Surgery

Francis Ngannou is on the road to recovery.

UFC Heavyweight Champion Francis Ngannou is healing up from surgery. Ngannou underwent surgery on his knee last week to fix a lingering injury. Now after a successful surgery, Ngannou is working to get back in fighting shape. On his path back to health, he is allowing fans to take a glimpse into his life with a brief look at his physical therapy and more.

“One day at a time, one step at a time,” Ngannou said.

The procedure that Nagnnou underwent was to repair his knee with an ACL reconstruction and MCL repair. He is participating in rehab at the UFC Performance Institute in Las Vegas. The UFC PI was created to help UFC fighters in just this way. It is a place for fighters to heal up, train, get nutrition advice, and more.

Ngannou is now ten days out from what he mentioned would be a “long process.” Earlier this year Ngannou successfully defended his title against former training partner Ciryl Gane. That win has his sixth consecutive win since losing his first title shot against Stipe Miocic. Throughout his UFC run, Ngannou has been pitted against some of the toughest at heavyweight and has proven he is the best in the division.

Although he is now on top, his relationship with the UFC has been difficult. Over the past year or so, Ngannou and the UFC have been having negotiation issues. Ngannou has mentioned a desire to try his hand at boxing and has publically mentioned that if his run with the UFC were to come to an end, he would be fine with it.

With his recovery on course but lengthy, the heavyweight division could be looking to move on without him. Last year, an interim title was created without Ngannou being inactive, now that he must take time to heal, it could be a possibility once again. There are several big names waiting at the top of the division, such as Stipe Miocic and Jon Jones that could easily fit into an interim if that was the path the UFC chooses to go.

Do you want to see Ngannou heal up and return to the UFC?

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